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Quick Fiction is a five-member band based out of San Francisco, CA. Former members of the Bay Area band The Nest, Steve Landey, Fred Hatfull, and Eric Shaw joined with Cody Krivacic and AJ Ferrick to form a band that combines emo, pop punk, folk, and prog rock into a tight, upbeat sound. Quick Fiction's full length debut album, Fingers Crossed, features soaring vocal melodies, intertwining guitars, and animated bass lines. Fingers Crossed flashes with musical creativity and technicality, but never loses the beat, keeping your head nodding along the entire time. The ingenuity in arrangements on Fingers Crossed matches the production: while most of the songs were composed before 2020, Quick Fiction finished writing Fingers Crossed over the Internet in the early parts of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The album was recorded in homes and clean studios throughout the Bay Area in the autumn of 2020. With the release of Finger Crossed, Quick Fiction is looking forward to emerging from our pandemic bunkers and playing live again, to real audiences, throughout the Bay Area and beyond.