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Squeaky Chairs Band formed around the Spring of 2009 in a little town called Athens, Ohio.

They frequently played around in bars and basements for most of their college careers - breaking strings on stage, recording original music in Beej's closet, or keeping their neighbors awake at the very least. The band’s friend Stanley came up with the name, which stems from the recurring squeaky chair sounds heard throughout the self-titled album by Akron/Family. Squeaky Chairs Band is: - Bill Delaney – guitar, vocals, alarm clock, bongos, car keys, weird noises, squeaky chair. - Jimmy Dillon Griffith – bass guitar, backup guitar, tree branches, spoon & jar, backing vocals, banjo, groupies, squeaky chair. - Benjamin Wagner – vocals, guitars, violin, banjo, harmonicas, spoons, percussion, funny hats, squeaky chair. - Josh Lundfelt – keys, piano, drums, backup guitar, wicked harmonization, percussion, juggling eggs, triangle, squeaky chair.