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Download our albums at: Amanita Trio are Raul Gagliardi (guitar), Carlo Cimino (double bass, electric bass) and Maurizio Mirabelli (drums). Although they call themselves a contemporary jazz project, their music influences space from the rhythm and melodies of the Mediterranean to rock vibes. Amanita have produced two albums: Gente a Sud (Zone di Musica, 2011) and Calandra (Manitù records, 2020).  The signature style of Raul Gagliardi's compositions features a large melodic variety often intertwined with odd times, that flows comfortably even on the most unusual structures thanks to Cimino and Mirabelli, whose brilliant interplay is the result of a long-term collaboration. While in Gente a Sud the trio's Mediterranean roots take centre stage, in their latest project 'Calandra' they have let the rock soul of the trio come through more predominantly, alongside more complex rhythms and melodic lines. The trio is currently promoting their latest album, that has so far been widely appreciated by jazz lovers and the expert of this sector who agree on its unique sound and creative approach.