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Galen Crew is an American recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is known for its dream-like quality which often features thoughtful yet whimsical themes and seems to emanate from a different world. Galen crafts stories that pull from various art forms…citing fantasy authors such as Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, & Herman Hesse as having inspired him just as much as the The Beatles, Coldplay, & John Mayer. Imagine the mysterious Grimm Brothers fairy tale collections were somehow transformed into modern pop songs – and you’ll start to get an idea of the imagery and layers within Galen’s music. 
 Having played in various bands, Galen had always been the songwriter and guitarist. But at age 19, he began writing unique material that didn’t fit with any of the bands he was playing with, and he tentatively stepped out as a vocalist himself. The first demos he recorded as a solo artist immediately caught the attention of Roger Cook, legendary British songwriter. Galen and Roger have now written over 100 songs together. One of them, “Sleepyhead” – a unique story song that is something of a medieval myth or fairy tale – organically went viral in China. His music has now garnered hundreds of millions of streams in China, and a loyal following of listeners who have eagerly taken hold of the fairy tale world that Galen sings of.