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Frederick the Victorious


  1. 1.
    We Could Have Been Heroes
  2. 2.
    Tomorrow Tamer
  3. 3.
    Whenever Forever
  4. 4.
    Master of None
  5. 5.
    Spiral Staircases
FREDERICK THE VICTORIOUS is the primary musical medium through which the ETHEREAN CHRONICLES will be told.
The chronicles encompass a multi-volume epic, written by Nicholas Villani.
IN SUMMARY. After the startling discovery of The Canvas Never-Ending Tome in the far reaches of the Sarchen Veil, a brutal rivalry erupts between the twin Lords of the Etherean Steppe, Aden and Dragus; each brother seeking to control the Tome and its formula for eternal life. This rivalry culminates in their accidental creation of a new and monstrous evil – The Bloodshot; setting the stage for a series of conflicts that will span over one thousand years and two different worlds filled with enchantment and mystery.
EACH VOLUME details the separate lives centrally positioned within the events that unfold. Frederick's story is unique to the narrative in that he is the first of the young race of Barren to bridge the gap between worlds; exploring both the vast bleak stonescape of The Etherean Steppe and the lush, wooded mountains and lakes of Ortha. In doing so, he will unknowingly carry out a meticulously planned vengeance for Lahkrum, Son of Aden, Watcher of the World Within, Disgraced Criminal Prince of the Vigorund Court.


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