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Sam Slatcher is a folk singer-songwriter living in Durham, North East England. His honest and reflective songwriting, delivered with a calming and delicate voice captures the warmth of humanity and a longing for peace and justice. To date, Sam has released a debut EP 'In Unlikely Places (April 2018) as well as curated the Stories of Sanctuary project that brings together refugees and other residents of Co. Durham, including the release of a critically acclaimed album ‘Stories of Sanctuary’ featuring National Syrian Orchestra’s Raghad Haddad (Nov 2018) that toured the UK in 2019 with the project. In May 2020, Sam releases 'Chaos & Solitude', a personal and political reflection on the recent changes in Western society, from the last few years of political division, to record-breaking transatlantic storms, to songs sung from balconies amidst a growing pandemic. But should that all sound a little overwhelming, Chaos & Solitude invites you to reconnect with nature, discover the calm in one’s breath, and find the kindness in strangers in our midst.