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The small flame, Droflam is a character straight left imagination of Florian Tingry as of his more young age. The small flame was the heroin of its cartoons and video games during her childhood. Musician in the heart, eight years of piano, Florian discovers his passion for the electronic music at 13 years old and starts to compose his first songs. It is after having heard for the first time the EP “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” of Skrillex in 2011 that Florian makes of Bass Music his favourites kind of music. There begins to share his tracks on Youtube and choose to remain faithful to its character. Thus, it takes the pseudonym of Droflam. Discography Ether - feat. Juda Jay & po.uce - Electronyze Me (2020) Fall Apart - Electronyze Me (2019) Tuturu - feat. Starcat - Play Me Records (2019) Firewolf - feat. Nick Stevanson - Electronyze Me (2019) Glint - feat. po.uce - Fatstep (2018) Reality - feat. Rematerialize - Electronyze Me (2018) Vicious Circle - Electronyze Me (2018) Glow Love The Heaven - Chateau Bruyant (2017)