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"Sonido Tré" se compone de tres integrantes: Quique Domenech, afamado cuatrista puertorriqueño, nominado dos veces al Grammy Latino, Mayda Belén, Latin American Idol 2007 y Edgar Rios, integrante del grupo Nota, ganador del concurso Sing Off de la cadena NBC. "Sonido Tré" es una fusión de la música pop, latina y étnica, destacando el duo de voces de Mayda Belén y Edgar Rios, creando una entidad musical única con el cuatro puertorriqueño. TRE is a concept of two exceptional singers and Quique Domenech a legendary musician, arranger, producer, and outstanding “cuatro” player. Quique Domenech is a successful, two-time, Latin Grammy nominee who has recorded 31 independent-label albums. Mayda Belen, a semi-finalist in the Latin American Idol contest held in Argentina and a soloist in various musical productions, is one of TRE’s young, talented, lead singers. Edgar Rios is also a gifted singer who has won several a cappella competitions, including the famous contest transmitted on NBC, The Sing-Off, where his group “Nota” attained first place. Edgar is the other component of the talented duo TRE is a fusion of pop and Latin music. The group emphasizes the blending of voices accompanied by the Puerto Rican “cuatro” player thus creating a unique musical concept which is unparalleled.