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Bob Dai is all about Dance music. Nepalese brought up in Darjeeling. In his early days he used to play and collect old school hip hop, as he was highly influenced by turntables. Most of the people understood Djing means two turntables and that Skratch sound. Gradually he changed his genre, started playing House . Learned Djing from one of the highly trained Dj, Gautam Das Shrestha @2006.

Did a very few shows together. There were no clubs there, so it was difficult for him to perform. Finally, they managed to throw an event with the support from X NPS. Hip Hop and R&B was a mainstream , so they named a event as "Bling". The event was massive, gradually people started noticing him, as it is a small town. Then Bob Dai left Darjeeling, came back home (Kathmandu, Nepal). Started playing in a club called “Babylon” but he didn’t like the place and the club's management, so he left. After that he formed a project called