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Amelia Chain


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    Amelia Chain Piano Concerto No.1 (Earhart)
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    The Haunting
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Formed within the blazing epicentre of the sun, the foundations of every living soul share the same birth mother and will ultimately share the same resting place.
The beauty of the individuality that the respective elements form, confirms unarguably that each soul begins a single life's journey as completely unique as that of a falling snowflake.
Just as when a snowflake settles on the frozen ground, the once distinct, singular individuality of its own form merges with that of its brethren into the white suffocating blanket that absorbs and drowns the dissenting voice. This white indistinct conformist mass always being its destiny from the very moment of conception.
Amelia Chain understands this inevitable metamorphose of the human condition. 
Amelia Chain is the spirit that recognises the power that a   narrow band of intangible frequencies wields to effect, at a basic, fundamental level, each and everyone's core, this power being irrespective of cultural background or belief.
Along with the worlds religious and political institutions, Amelia Chain uses the power of that language to indoctrinate and control and is the malevolent spirit that hides the beast within the beauty.
Enjoy the noise or choose the silence.


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