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Coming out of Oslo with their first record in 2007, Hiawata! has provided a steady stream of emotive fuzz infused power pop throughout the years. Celebrating the tradition of band such as The Lemonheads, Weezer and Dinosaur Jr.

through their own distinct sound. The members of Hiawata also releases music through various projects like Heyerdahl, Nomber 5s, Islandsgate and Løchstøer. NME: "...Hiawata remind me of cutie pop stalwarts Comet Gain, or Belle & Sebastian playing Nirvana songs..." VICE: "Hiawata! are a bit like the older guys who hang around teenage beach parties, all cute and affectionate and predatory at the same time. First, they get you warm and snuggly with their mellow guitars, soft voices and rampant use of exclamation marks. Then, just as you’re starting to feel relaxed, they hit you on the back of the head with a Quaalude and the vaguest suggestion of bestiality. In real life they’re the dreg of society, but in music I’m actually kind of taking to it!