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One of the most evil, angry and bitter bands ever, Darkside NYC took the NYHC sound into darker more malevolent depths, fusing doses of prehistoric hardcore-punk and crushing extreme metal along with an array of obscure / insane influences. Formed in 1991 as simply "Darkside", the band released 3 demos and a 7" in the early 90s before going on an eleven-year hiatus in 1996. Darkside NYC resurfaced once more in 2007 – this time for a longer haul. Work soon began on a marathon recording project which yielded over 50 songs. In 2014, the long-awaited debut full-length dropped on the band’s own imprint, Satan Wears Suspenders. “Optimism Is Self-Deception: Vols. 1 & 2” is a 23-track, 72-minute massive mother-of-all-bombs described by Crucial Blast as “one of the most confrontational hardcore albums…in ages”. Featuring several recorded old songs along with a plethora of new material, it is aimed at delivering a savage smash to fans old and new. Not content to rest on their laurels, the repertoire has been expanded to encompass pulverizing Frostian sludge, ravenous punk attacks, blinding speed, pessimistic streetwise hardcore and not-so-subtle layers of sonic soundscapes by way of power tools, trumpet, samplers, synth and even full Latin percussion. Despite the many unconventional instruments, the album retains a solid emphasis on the trademark heaviness and vicious punk intensity. The attitude is as bleak and hateful as ever and they have never sounded more ferocious.