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My name is Andrew, nice to meet you. I’m tired of disingenuous biographies listing accolades told in the 3rd person, so let me just tell you a bit about myself. Music is my passion, but i’m also a total nerd. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, and am something of an entrepreneur. To me engineering, business and music are all about the same thing - making stuff. I run a YouTube channel where I share all of the marketing and business stuff that goes behind my music and my music businesses to help other artists get started more easily. All of my projects are completely made by me, unless otherwise noted. I make my own music, I record my own vocals, I make my own artwork, I edit my own videos, and I run my own marketing campaigns. Hopefully you’re here because you love my music, but you should also know that when you support me you’re supporting 100% independent music and also a small business (which means you’re pretty awesome). Business Email: Inspired by artists like San Holo, ODESZA, and ILLENIUM.