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James Millier is an country music artist based in Hampshire in England. His passion for music happened during his mid-twenties however it became stronger than ever when fate would have it when a love one gave him some singing lessons as a Christmas present where 13 years later on, he is still having lessons with the same singing teacher. Due to his spark being ignited for music, James have had opportunities to travel to places like France and Ireland. However, turning thirty James took the giant leap by releasing solo music under his real name James Baldwin in 2014 but by 2018 his music was evolving and he thought it was a suitable time to go back to his roots by changing his music artist surname to Millier which is taken from his mother side of the family. Since his surname has been changed to Millier, James's music has been streamed over 150,000 times on Spotify and he also became founder of a Christmas charity single which featured in the official UK top 100 download charts. Fast forward to 2021, James has come full circle and feels he found his sound in alternative country music because you will be able to hear elements of his life stories running through his upcoming songs from his younger years living in the countryside in a small village called Shenstone in the West Midlands to living the city life in Birmingham as well as moving to the south coast in Swansea, Wales and now enjoying life in the south of England in Hampshire.