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Breakthrough hip-hop artist Easygoing (born Raul Martinez III) brings his relatable, heart-on-sleeve storytelling style to contemporary rap. With a conversational, ‘easygoing’ flow and a raw-yet-polished vibe, the Florida-based artist is one of the most exciting new acts to emerge in 2021. 
 Originally from Pico Rivera, California, Martinez was born into a big but dysfunctional family. Writing music became an outlet for the young creative, and by age 15, he’d started penning full songs. Since then, Martinez has written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered all his music independently, proving his position in today’s world of self-starting music multipotentialites. Martinez says: “My life story had a rough beginning, but life itself is the number one reason why I make music. What I’ve been through and what I’ll go through in the future is all content and material.” 
 From performing at house parties and rehab centres to open mics and talent shows, Martinez isn’t afraid to keep grinding - or tell the world what he’s got to say. Stream Easygoing’s new album, ‘SINNER’ (2021), out now. 
 Change. Adapt. Repeat