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Straddling the line between classic Americana and traditional acoustic folk, Abby K and her all-star, all-female crew have crafted a sincere portrait of woman’s wander down life’s rambling road on her quest to find true peace as an artist. The Whole Truth is an interwoven patchwork of soundscapes that reflect this journey with an airy grace. 
Exploring themes of loss, rebirth and forgiveness, the record confronts life’s real truths - both brutal and lovely – with a courageous forthrightness. The Whole Truth taps into a variety of Abby’s influences, including her Kentucky roots, her Midwest authenticity, and the grit of her adopted home between the mountains and sea. 
“Discovering truth is downright scary and disorienting. Confronting truth is empowering and bold. Understanding truth leads to peace,” says Abby. So much of her empowerment came from the supportive women around her, Abby was determined that the album feature an all-female team. “Working with women felt safe, and in that safety, I was able to tell my truths.” 
Melodic, authentic and raw, The Whole Truth is an album that unflinchingly stares down life’s messy parts. “When life throws you the unexpected” explains Abby, “it’s the honest path, oftentimes the most painful path, will ultimately lighten your load.”