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Apostrophic is a project by Canadian musician Colin O’Hearn. This emotive electronic music is influenced by artists including Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Caribou, Radiohead, Clark, and Burial. "FLA" (2014), Apostrophic’s debut, was met with positive reviews from State Magazine, Exclaim!, and the Georgia Straight. This album was written in wake of of his father’s death and incorporates soundscapes recorded in Florida, where O’Hearn’s family resides. "These Old Tapes" (2019) expands on FLA - a genre-defying EP that is best categorized as electronic but rarely sits still for long enough to pin down. Apostrophic's newest project, "It Is What Is It" will be released March 27, 2020 on Tastefaker Records. Press quotes: Exciting and satisfying, These Old Tapes is confident and is a strong contender for one of the best Vancouver electronic EPs this year. Joey Lopez for BeatRoute Sailing somewhere between post-rock and ambient IDM, apostrophic teases out each sonic vista into an ever-widening shot, revealing layers of subtlety with each passing moment. Daryl Keating for Exclaim! Ranging from atmospheric pad progressions to synthesised, lush and gentle breaks, O’Hearn seems to have a knack for constructing well-contained, evocative sounds ... Aaron Drain for State Magazine