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Mental Cruelty 2021 
 "A HILL TO DIE UPØN" is a lonely and dark journey to the darkest places of humankind. The concept album of the German blackened deathcore group expands to an epic of deep emotional feelings. Nonetheless, it doesn’t lose the heaviness of the bands underground slam roots. It seems that the band evolved their writing over the last two records to a more mature level and it feels like they finally found their sound! With big sounding orchestra and choir arrangements, fast paced blas beats, impressive guitar solos and bone crushing breakdowns this record can compete with major bands across the genre. 
 With that being said, like many others across the globe, the band went through a financial and critical crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic. This record shows the depression and anger they felt during that time! "A HILL TO DIE UPØN is a great relief for those who suffer." 
 Metal Hammer Germany - (5,5/7) - (8/10) - (9/10) Metal Hammer UK - (7/10) „a heroic scope throughout” 
 Metal Purgatory Media - “absolute monstrous release” 
 GBHBL -“Mental Cruelty have done something very special here.”

 Dead Rhetoric - “A Hill to Die Upon gives Mental Cruelty some serious wings to soar on.” 
 The Metal Epidemic - “A Hill To Die Upon is a terrifyingly fun time.” 
 New Noise Magazine - “The best deathcore album of 2021 is here.”