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Out beyond ideas of history & myth, past & future, fact & fiction, there is a field. I'll meet you there - Sagittarius V 🍀 Thank you for helping Sagittarius V reach nearly 1mil plays on Spotify as an independent! Let me repay the favor by dropping some new music in 2021. Starting off with the brand new "Blush E. P." 🔔! PRESS / ACCOLADES: 📀📀 2020 2x RIAA Platinum with Side-project / Alter Ego Gunpowderbob 🏆 2017's "Alien Nation" ft Giang Pham - 500k+ Spotify Streams 🏆 From NewRetroWave 2014 Top Ten Newcomers - "“Lucidator” was featured on our most recent compilation, and we all thought it deserved to be; this guy is amazing. Hailing from Belgium, Sagittarius V snuck out and dropped some bombs on us. 2014 for him included “Symphonies In Space” and “Renegade,” two excellent short albums with very different themes. While “Symphonies” seems much more experimental, “Renegade” fits like a Tetris block into the retrowave aesthetic and is good from front to back. Sagittarius V is poised to continue impressing us, and I for one hope he plans to hit us again and again with tracks as great as “Lucidator.” 
 🏆 From NewRetroWave Top 10 EPs of 2014 - "Sagittarius V’s thematic and dystopian release from September 2014 was one I found myself going back over several times. Several of the songs balance this line between frantic and calming, a quality which made this EP a standout.