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White Sun is an American musical group formed in Los Angeles, California. The line-up consists of Gurujas Khalsa (singer, principal songwriter), Adam Berry (producer, instrumentalist), and Harijiwan Khalsa (founder, percussionist). White Sun won the 59th Annual Grammy Award for Best New Age Album for their second album, White Sun II. White Sun's music has gone to #1 on Billboard, #1 on Amazon, and #1 on iTunes. White Sun has collaborated with some of greatest musical talents in the world. That list includes Grammy-winning kora player Mamadou Diabaté, 9-time Grammy Nominated Gabe Witcher of the Punch Brothers, and the Waters Family Singers, who have been a part of nearly 260 gold and over 100 platinum albums. Produced by two-time Emmy winner Adam Berry, White Sun’s music has also been used in studies at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital led by Dr. Helen Lavretsky, and has been featured in the Psychiatric Times. White Sun is also on the course syllabus for Professor Stephanie Eggert’s classes at USC, where it is used to study stress management. White Sun is distributed by A.D.A. (Warner Music Group). White Sun’s label is Be Why Music.<br>