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After releasing over 20 albums Ted Poley is a giant in the rock genre that doesn’t need much of an introduction. He has made records both as a solo artist and with bands like Danger Danger, Melodica, Bonemachine and Tokyo Motor Fist and built himself a career as a stellar artist with an amazing and touching voice. 
 Back in 2015 Ted played a festival in Stockholm, Sweden called Rockweekend Festival. On the way from the airport Ted showed the festival promotor a new band he had found called degreed. The promotor informed him that degreed where going to play at the festival and the journey of making this record began. 
 Three years and a lot of writing, recording, perfecting the 11 songs ended up in a one week recording sessions in the woods of Sweden and ”Modern Art featuring Ted Poley” was made. ” I am so very proud of the new album! The sound is modern with a slight prog edge to it, even sometimes bordering on pop, very melodic-with choruses that will keep you coming back again and again!” - Ted says. The album will guide you through an emotional rollercoaster of music featuring great playing and some of the best vocal work ever made. This album truly is a work of Modern Art. The album is set to be released during 2018 and will have a couple of singles out before the album drops. This is the debut of a project that will make musical history - This is Modern Art.