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Dasterds are a punk band from Lansing, Michigan. Playing a blend of power-pop and pop-punk, Dasterds’ music is what music journalist Chuck Marshall describes as “infectious melody with a dangerous dose of wit.” After three self-released EPs and some line up changes, Cody, Myke, Ari, and John teamed up with DIY label Smog Moon Recordings for their full-length debut, Cherophobia, in 2019. The album is a dramatic departure from their first three EPs. From start to finish, the album is full of emotionally-driven pop melodies reminiscent of Superchunk and early Weezer, backed by a heavy rhythm section, and guitar leads you might find on an Iron Maiden record. Addressing topics such as grief and loss, mental health, fighting with conservative relatives, and toxic masculinity in the punk scene, Cherophobia is without a doubt the band’s boldest release to date.