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Hi, I'm Amanda Yang :). 1st Generation Hmong-American. Too sensitive, candid, a little rebellious, and very daring. I started writing and singing when I was 14. I recorded on the bathroom floor (acoustics were awesome lol) and uploaded it to YouTube.

I've always known that I felt A LOT of emotions. Sometimes they overflow and the only way to make sense of it all is to sing it in a song. My mom always said I was a loner and I cried a lot lol, guess that's the Cancer in me. Granddaughter to a Hmong soldier who risked his life to give his family a surviving chance to live in America. Soooo I did what any good Asian daughter would do… dropped out of college to pursue my music dreams. If you think about it, everyone is their own main character in their lives. That's 7.64 billion main characters. Wow. Everyone is going through their own chaos, turmoil, happiness and success. I hope to make those who feel alone and sad, a little less alone and sad. And I hope to celebrate with those who are having the time of their lives. Whatever the occasion... I'm LIVING for it. Follow my journey!