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Honest, strong, natural, optimistic: that's NAEVA. 
 Even in the darkest moments, she finds a glimmer of hope. NAEVA combines different genres into an unique, colorful and refreshing soundscape. A variety of musical influences find a home in this extraordinary blend. 
 Her stories are as diverse as her music with which she touches both mind and soul. Her songs are filled with emotions, class, playfulness and vibrating sounds. They not only make you think, but also inspire you with confidence. 
 Her first Single "LOVE" leads the listener through a bittersweet love story, and has caught the interest of quite some fans. 
 The Second Single "More Than This" is a strong and powerful song with a great message: “With the passing of time, you start to reach a point, where you either submit to the prevailing stereotypes or question them and try to do something about it. There’s so much more to each and every one of us than you gauge from the first glance.”