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MARYLEBONE is the Francesco Favre Ippoliti's project who decides to keep after the dissolution,in the 2004,of the homonym 4-members-band.In the 2003 Marylebone produced its debut album titled "Aut-automatico".As band Marylebone has a good background of live concerts in Italy:"V edition" of "Meeting delle Etichette Indipendenti" in Faenza,"Six day sonic madness" in Benevento,"Testa di legno festival" in Lombardia,"Nel Nome del Rock" in Palestrina (Rome),"M.E.I. Summer" on Rimini's boardwalk and expecially in Rome where they played in many venues as "Velvet", "Blackout Rock club","Coetus Club", "Alpheus","Jungle","Sonica","Qube","Il Locale","Brancaleone","Forte Prenestino", "Init","Stay Free","Pigneto Città Aperta","Enzimi 2001","Audiocoop Lazio release event","Festa dell'Unità","Akab", "Classico Village","Mentelocale" in Palestrina(Rome).On March 2008 he moves to Milan where completes the second record of Marylebone called "Invisible algorithm".The record is the first Marylebone's album distribuited in digital stores and the first one in English.The third record is titled "Monster of energy" (2010).In the 2011,with a new line-up,Marylebone came back to have some live gigs.Between 2012 and 2015 live activity went on (using drum machines).At the end of 2015 a new work of cover/remake songs, titled "Root Connection",has been recorded and a limited number of copies were printed in CDs in the 2016 just for promotion expecially abroad(US-CA).