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ABOUT THE BAND: Vocals & Bass: Jim "H" Mack Nair Vocals & Guitar: Phil Vino Guitar: Jim Rogers Drums: Paul Zbrzezny Heart & Spirit: Stuart Strong (RIP Brother!) Buffaluffagus is a band of brothers (figuratively) who all grew up in Buffalo, NY, playing music together as kids. In late 2005 Paul and Phil managed to have a reunion in LA and one by one the band was formed. ABOUT THE RECORD: This record has been 6 Years in the making. In 2011 we decided to make a record. We thought it would be easy, maybe take a year but with band members living coast to coast, with families, jobs, a life, it took some time. After writing about 40 or more songs in that time we distilled it down to this record called “Do As You’re Told” which became our mantra for getting this record finished. OUR NAME: How we got our name, a quote by Stuart Strong: ‘We should call this band Buffaluffagus because it’s the sickest band ever that just shows up unexpectedly, rocks out for days, then disappears without a trace. Only to appear at a later time and date to do it all again!!!”