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The members of Kick and the Hug lived through a different time in Boulder, CO, when the vibrant music scene, and plentiful basement apartments , were a great place for a musician to make a living. The band is scattered across the country now, stretching from Los Angeles, to Philadelphia and Denver. Such is the case these days, they collaborate via file sharing, but when it' s time to get in a room and create the real thing, Boulder seems as good a place as any to congregate, with its proximity to nature and the creativity that flows through the city. Lead singer /guitar player Doug Murray and Sam Young (drummer, keys) played together in the early 90' s Boulder stalwart, @The Winebottles, before Young went on to serve stints with @The Samples and @DeVotchka. The band is also joined by multi-Instrumentalist, Mike Ferguson on bass, strings, and vocals. Their sound is glued together by lead guitarist and in-house producer, Tyler Skye. Skye is picking up steam as a producer and is best known for his work with indie upstarts @FRND CRCL and @The Idea. 
 Ladies and Gentlemen...Kick and the Hug