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Seventeen-year-old Atlanta singer-songwriter Mason Embers has a mission: influence his listeners to feel the range of human emotion. Blending a multitude of genres and writing reflective lyrics showcasing the aspects of our thoughts and feelings, Embers sets a vivid picture of life. 
 Gravitating to music from a young age, Embers developed a natural ability to sing. He remained an interested listener, never planning to personally pursue music. However, after a sudden desire to learn, he began guitar lessons at age thirteen. His progression was quick and his songwriting ability was instantly recognized: less than a week into lessons, he had written his first song. From there, Embers has gone on to write his upcoming debut concept album, The

Astounding Descent. 
 Embers has one wish for his new fans. “I hope everyone who listens can get something out of the songs, something that applies to what they are feeling,” he says. “Every one of my favorite records have made me contemplate my views, my way of thinking, and my life itself.” While always being grateful for the present, Embers is looking forward to his journey’s future and welcomes everyone to join it alongside him.