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Hey, Florrie here, with 7 TOP FACTS ABOUT FLORRIE to keep you entertained: 1. I’m a UK based singer and songwriter, making uplifting indie pop for your lovely ears. I write and co-produce all my records 🤘 2. I started drumming at 7 and still play today 🥁 3. I was the in-house session drummer at Xenomania for 5 years. It was there I discovered I liked to SING and started releasing music as an independent artist 🎤 4. The last 10 years have been a musical rollercoaster. I got signed by a major label and then dropped...

I wasn’t happy there but I've since re-found my love of writing and producing as an independent artist. I can release what I want to, and when I want to which means... YOU GUESSED IT…more music for you ♥️ 5. I'm as honest as possible with my lyrics, and share my personal experiences. It can be scary sometimes, but a lot of you have told me you connect, which is what keeps me motivated 📈 6. I’ve played shows all over the world but my favourite was at a festival in Slovakia called Pohoda. SLOVAKIA KNOW HOW TO PARTYYYY 🇸🇰 7.