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Texas born and bred, singer/songwriter Will Carter was raised to respect hard work and traditional values. Deep love of family combined with a regimen that included homeschooling, breaking horses, milking goats, tending to crops provided Will with an ideal backdrop to pursue his musical dreams effectively. His songs explore universal concerns against a backdrop of small-town America; his voice brings these stories to life. On his new album, Good Bad Idea (April 12, 2019), Carter applies his experience and his talent to bring the best of modern and old-school country together. From the infectious, sing-along single “Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat” to the deep emotion with which he eulogizes his father on “Red Sunrise” and aching romantic sorrow of “House Of Cards,” Good Bad Idea reaches out to every generation of country music lovers and excludes none from finding their own stories in his words and melodies.