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At 31 years old, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Cody James has been a life-long disciple of rock, blues, jazz, and even punk. He creates recordings as a full band - playing and arranging every instrument - and then goes on to fully self-produce his own recordings.    Cody started learning guitar at age 7, and began playing professionally at 14. He had always envisioned his life enveloped in music - and had young dreams of becoming a ‘rock star.’    Playing with various rock, punk, and metal groups for 15 years within his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he toured the US and self-released a multitude of demos, EPs, and albums. In November of 2018, he felt it was time for a change, and started playing and establishing himself as a solo artist. In March of 2019, after a two week southern tour, he disbanded the group he was with and went solo full-time.    The summer of 2019 was his busiest ever, playing over 20 shows around the midwest - on a tour he dubbed ‘Solo Summer 2019’. Fall and winter were no different - when 2019 ended he had logged over 16,000 miles to over 75 shows.    2020 was looking very promising - with a summer tour booked and big plans for fall and winter - when everything came to a screeching halt with the arrival of Covid-19. This only gave Cody an opportunity to work on other areas - so he quickly got to to work writing and recording.    2021 will see Cody returning to live performance as well as the release of his debut album "Bridge The Gap".