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Whindersson Nunes Batista was born in Palmeira do Piauí, but grew up in Bom Jesus, Piauí. At the age of fifteen he decided that he wanted to make videos for YouTube. He tried several times to get his channel recognized, but it was not successful. However, shortly thereafter he returned to producing videos for the channel, and the videos began to receive more views, it was when he launched the parody Alô vó, tô reprovado in 2012, which within a week it received five million views. Whindersson then moved to Teresina, where he had no place to live, and was invited by the also YouTuber Bob Nunes to live with his (Bob's) family in a neighborhood in the northern part of the city. From there the channel began to grow rapidly, but on January 20, 2013, the channel was hacked and deleted. After this occurrence, Whindersson opened the channel in which it has more than 23 million subscribers. Whindersson Sucessos