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Dave Salk is the solo moniker for Peruvian producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Bastian Bustamante.
 His latest single: “Nothingness but Shining” is a plunderphonics oddysey made up of hundreds of samples: a soup of house, funk, world music, japanese classical, ambient and much more, all in a cohesive 10 minute cut.
 In 2020, he decided to compile and publish the exploration of various -at times even conflicting- aesthetics and musical paths that showcase different stages of art as a rite of passage. The first releases were home demos “Superstition”, a krautrock-infused piece inspired by anxiety & depersonalization that never found any obvious melody, and “Diamond Days”, a nostalgic, shoegaze-engulfed power tune that questions how far betrayal and absence of identity at youth can go.
 As unfinished or polished as some may result, the intent is to be shared publicly all the same if any lasting enjoyment has come out of it. A progressive art pop hi-fi instrumental may lead to a straightforward dream rock home demo, while a whole LP of avant-pop or experimental glitch may unexpectedly drop. 
 A truly definite persona may never appear but Dave’s online catalog will always reflect his current phase, as undefined as it may presently be.