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Armed with aesthetic love for sound and an infinite potential, Rahul Ningthemcha better known as REAY is an Imphal origin, Delhi based DJ/Music producer, Mix engineer and Visual designer whose aim is to make a difference through his captivative rhythms and unique blend of different sounds and genres to give you an eargasimic melody. After being inspired by many international and local artists, REAY started producing at an age of 18 , since then he had produced many refreshing remixes and haunting originals. Started from a progressive house producer to a heavy bass hard trap, he has now explored many different genres and makes fusions of it Being passionate, hardworking and dedicated towards his music he keeps on improving and creating wonders which accelerates him on the direction of becoming one of the most beloved new upcoming artist. With such great enthusiasm, patience and a big dream, this is only the beginning of his journey. So people out there with the desire to feel the true resonance of music and uniqueness may join his journey.