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My parents are teachers and I’m the eldest of 4 siblings. I started playing drums when I was 3 years old, studying music at 6, playing in bands at 10, at 14 I fell in love and at 15 I did my first album. At 16 I started teaching drums at a local music school. At 18 heartbreak and sadness came and I quit playing drums, I took a guitar and I became a fucking singer-songwriter. I started recording myself and producing my own sad albums in a room at my parents’ house, just as I started a degree in Fine Arts At 22 I did my first movie soundtrack and then I started making music for TV adverts. At 23 I started studying audio postproduction and at 24 I began to do more serious album tours. At 25 love reappeared and at 26 I started my own recording studio in a basement in Barcelona. At 27 I founded my own label and at 28 I started signing my albums with my own name and then I focused on the production of albums for other, composing soundtracks, directing the label and playing live music with other bands too until the age of 32. After 6 years non-stop I was overwhelmed and I decided to leave it all and went to live in a cottage in Banyoles with some chickens to calmly write the next: Pels dies bons At 33 I released that album and I decided to do it independently from the industrial and business circles, self-editing, self-manufacturing and self-managing. The project grew a lot and I began to live exclusively from my music for the first time after 14 albums +info: