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First, I am thankful to be here on Spotify. Like you, there is greatness inside that has been wanting to get out.

We all have it. I know this because we are all created by a Creator that is Awesome and it has been referenced that we are made in His image. My name is Yorrelle. A country girl, born and raised in Augusta, Ga. I am a sweats kinda person who rarely wears makeup and prefers to walk barefoot. I enjoy Disney movies and happily ever after movies and I root for the underdog. I enjoy reading self-help books and studying the Bible and going to thrift stores. I love happy music, friendly people, and good coffee with lots of cream and (yes) brown sugar. I enjoy one-on-one conversations and avoid crowds and huge parties, although I love singing to huge crowds on stage. I love being on stage, but can you believe I used to have horrible stage fright?? My husband calls me Cookie Monster because I like cookies (ALOT). Friends, thank you for listening to and purchasing my music. God bless.