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Artist “Shin” has been making music since he got his first microphone at 15 years old. His music illustrates things he’s done in life & experiences he’s created. Surrounding himself with positive energy and sending positive energy outward in the form of music is something Shin takes pride in. However, Shin’s life has not always been easy, in 2018 he endured a dark depression/heartbreak & found healing with drugs & alcohol. Music was an escape for Shin & ever suncs he has created an avenue that many fans can connect to. He’s made wonderful friends, connections and lived life differently to make his best music yet! Like Shin’s newest track “Shindagoat Pt3” about growing from his past & getting to where he is now. “Creating paths when they said I couldn’t, opening doors when they said I wouldn’t.” Shin encourages his audience to open their perspective by learning from people and different situations, because sense he has done that his music hasn’t stopped evolving lyrically and visually.