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LIVIYA, the german-american artist, convinces with a unique voice and intoxicating melodies. LIVIYA grew up under the musical influences of her mother, Helene Schneiderman, who is a well known international opera singer. Through her, LIVIYA learned about life in the theater at an early age. She took on roles as a background actor and sang in the children's choir of the Staatstheater Stuttgart. At the age of 7, LIVIYA took piano lessons regularly in addition to her singing lessons and at thirteen she wrote her first songs. Today, LIVIYA has a degree in speech therapy and is currently pursuing a master's degree at the Pop Academy in Mannheim. In connection with her studies she invests a lot of time in writing and producing songs and in the constant development of herself. In her solo project LIVIYA celebrates individuality and the lifting of boundaries we set for ourselves. She decorates her pop music with electronic influences and jazz elements and

combines catchy melodies with unexpected drops. LIVIYA blends vintage and modern elements with a matter-of-factness that shows: she knows what she wants. By telling her story, LIVIYA wants to have her listeners feel: you are not alone and it is important to express our thoughts and feelings.