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From the melodic lull of ocean vibes to the intricacies of the human condition, Rose Brokenshire makes music that seamlessly marries both desolation and daydreams. 
 In her formative years, Rose was fully immersed in Toronto’s folk music scene, frequently playing live shows and producing acoustic EP’s like Seeds You Grow and Wend. But growing up in the city left her with a vast desire to be closer to nature, ultimately leading her north to become a Forest Firefighter and subsequently putting her writing and performing to a halt. The change of environment caused a great shift in her introspection and yearn to grow. Six years later Rose is turning a new leaf making more music than ever - just a little different than before. In the fall of 2019 Rose released Six Years, followed by Dazed for Days in the Spring of 2020; the final two collections of unreleased songs written over the past decade. They are an ode to the old and a clearing of space for what is yet to come.
 Roses new music includes subtle elements of folk, but mainly focuses on ethereal lo-fi bedroom feels and ambient electronics. Her newest self-produced EP 'In a Spell' is full of drifting harmonies and wavering synths, subtle percussion and ethereal soundscapes that gently carry the listener through a poetic, intimate and honest journey of shared sentiments and tenderness.