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PK Keränen (b. 1964) is one of Finland's most respected rock musicians. He is a self-taught guitarist, singer, performing artist, composer, lyricist and arranger. Since 1982, he has been with the band 22-Pistepirkko band and his first solo album Serobi Songs will be released in early 2020. “I wanted to bring in new harmonic and musical dimensions, so I asked Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen, a distinguished jazz musician, composer and music director of Dalindeo and Ricky Tick Big Band, if he would be interested in working on my songs and acting as an arranger, co-writer and producer. To my delight he answered yes. He plays keyboards on the record. Norwegian director Eigil Langmark heard my music and he wanted to use it for his new TV series Mellom Oss (Between Us), a Danish-Norwegian production and the song "Let go" was chosen as the theme of the series, and the series also includes other music that I made with Johnny Lee Michaels.”