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Wons Phreely

Wons Phreely

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Posted By Wons Phreely

Hi, thank you for checking out my music. If you want to know more, please go to my website it has links to my other pages, like Facebook where I post updates on new things Im doing with music.

I also like making videos, I post them on my Youtube page.

Here is something that someone was nice enough to write about me recently:

Wons Phreely is a unique artist. His unique songwriting style has seen him recognized in international songwriting awards. He make his own uniquely creative music videos, including last years ‘Stars’ video which featured as KCRW’s Todays Top Tune. His uniqueness also landed him the ‘Extraordinary Artist’ visa he’d need to relocate to LA. It was the cities collective creativity that he'd always dreamed of, as well as the chance to escape his mining boom hometown in Australian to start a new. A new band, and now, the new single; ‘The Night Has An Alibi’.

And it certainly seems like he's finding his place; not only with his finely crafted songs, but also with his interest in creating surprisingly unexpected music videos. This time the singer decided to create something a little stranger. After the “The Night Has An Alibi” audio single premiered on the website accompanied by the headline “The New Wons Phreely Single Belongs On The ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack”, the singer stepped up his game, not only directing and producing the music video but also creating all the mind boggling digital vfx.

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