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Emotional techno, dirty bass lines, uplifting house. Amare's sound is best described as deep, melodic, sensuous, sassy, with an exotic hint, and a joyful touch. ‘Amare’ is a Latin verb, ‘to love’, an active name that describes her energy. Having studied the whole range of human sciences, Amare knows what people need – which makes her an excellent crowd reader and music selector. Being well-traveled, she was influenced by different cultures and music genres, what you can hear in her music selection. In her aim to bring like-minded people together, Amare contributes actively to the electronic music scene in her home city, Brussels. She started as a resident DJ at the Non peut-être parties, is involved in FTRSND, was one of the organizers of Brussels Electronic Marathon, added extra sparkles to Cirque Magique, and in 2017, Amare started her own party concept, Audacious. At the moment, she focuses on production with a first release in 2019. She continues to add to her international roster of global leaders in nightlife venues & festivals including Tomorrowland (BE), Burning Man (US), Afrikaburn (ZA), Midsummer Bling (EE), Fuse (BE), Public Works SF (US), TBA Brooklyn (US), El Sótano (CR), Labyrinth Open (HR), Zodiak (BE), Woo Studio (HK), Euriska (IN), Kiwiburn (NZ), The Alchemist (KE), Cirque Magique (BE), Paradise City Festival (BE), MN Roy (MX), One54 Culture (UG), Modular (ZA), Peculiar Gatherings (CY), Irgendwo (DE), Loftus Hall (DE), 911 (EE), Killer Kiccen (IT), etc.