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Defenders of guild socialism and the honest values of the working class, the British Dorset-based band SAVAGE UNDERDOGS take pride in toiling hard to get a job well done. Their artistic commitment comes from an understanding of shared kinship and a sense of responsibility. Their objective is to deliver a quality music product to their enthusiastic audiences. The band bring a uniquely thrilling proposition to music fans: hard-driving punk 'n' roll influenced by a worthy nostalgia for lost or dying American culture. They're naturally inclined towards the tribulation and redemption of Johnny Cash or the blue-collar perspective of Springsteen, yet their exquisitely crafted songs also combine the ever-present fidelity of original punk credentials. At the heart of the SAVAGE UNDERDOG sound is implacable spirit and the authentic verse-chorus-verse of true rock. But also, these days, their songs tend to pack the lilt of country-blues and the subtlety of folk. Their output is less stereotypically punk-sounding than other bands in the field and that's because their lyrics don't naturally express anger or social alienation, but rather a sense of commitment and responsibility. Now that they've moved away from pure punk, they're keen to “get on with things.” The album "California 99" was released 25th May 2018Band Lineup: Lead vocal and guitarist: Matthew Williams (former Devil’s Rejects member) Lead Guitar: Ben Stock Bass Guitar

and backing Vocals: Greg Long Drums: Pete Sheriff