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Donara is a Duo formed by producer Doni and singer Nara. Their music is a mix of Indie and Pop with flavours of Jazz and Soul. The two musicians met on the road to Hamburg in 2019, where both imagined

finding new inspiration and musical perspectives. So here they are, two strangers, sharing a ride through Germany with the same destination, realizing they share so much more. Both can tell stories about loss, hope, fights and now a deep friendship. Coming from completely different musical backgrounds, Doni mainly being a guitar and bassist in Indie and rock bands, Nara grew up as a classical pianist later studying Jazz. Ever since they met they have tried finding their own interpretation of pop music constantly crossing each others boundaries and evolving. They started writing together and Donara was born. Their new single "Fight for you" autobiographically deals with loosing the love of your life. Noticing you´ve given all you can, knowing you finally have to face the pain and start all over. More coming soon !