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Anders Bast & the Bast’ards is an energetic band that follows their instincts and impulses and creates music in the moment. That is evident on “Through Space & Time”. The session was done using an older technique, where the musicians play in the same room without headphones and with no overdubbing. This ensures that the recorded music resembles the bands sound when they play live. They play with no reservations and no fear. Something that has been important from the start for Anders Bast & the Bast’ards. It’s important to us that what your hear is what you get. The music has several messages. “South of North Dakota” is against fracking all over the world in general, but particularly in Northern Jutland, from where Anders Bast’s family origins. The tune “Blues for the Beast within” is written for the beast inside. The voice that allows us to do bad things and forget our real goals. Bandleader Anders Bast b.1978, has a master degree in music from NEC, New England Conservatory and RMC, Copenhagen Rhythmic Conservatory. He plays and has played with: MØ, Django Bates, Bob Moses, George Russell,Tivolis Bigband, Frode Fjellheim, Daniel Herskedal, Butch Lacy, Lars Jansson, MC Einar, Hugo Rasmussen and Ib Glindemann. Anders has released 3 records in his own name. The band consists of experienced musicians, who all have projects and albums in their own names. Fun fact: Anders Bast streamed 60 concerts from home during the Covid-19 time.