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Holland Andrews (AKA Like A Villain) is an American vocalist, composer, and performance artist whose work is based on emotionality in its many forms. In their composition work, Andrews focuses on the abstraction of operatic and extended-technique voice to build soundscapes encompassing both catharsis and dissonance. Frequently highlighting themes surrounding vulnerability and healing, Andrews arranges music with voice and clarinet, harnessing the innate qualities of these instruments’ power and elegance to serve as a vessel for these themes. As a vocalist, their influences stem from a dynamic range of musical stylings including contemporary opera, musical theater, and jazz, as well as ambient and noise music. Andrews performs solo music under the stage name Like a Villain. In addition to creating solo work, Andrews develops and performs the soundscapes for dance, theater, and film, and whose work is still toured nationally and internationally. Andrews is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.