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First of all, my real name is Alen Gruber. I am Croatian, born in Bosnia, Zenica and had to leave the country as a refugee in 1992. I came to Germany and lived with my grandmother for a while. Later on I was adopted, so my name now is Alen Gruber. I don’t come from a musically family and i never learned how to play the Piano. And that’s okay because music always has been a big part in my life and it has comforted me during good and bad situations. I love all kinds of music. It's that simple. I started as a rookie in 2018 and since then I've been producing music. The start was rocky but life taught me to learn things quickly. So here we are. You can now enjoy my music and go along with me on my journey. Feel free to follow me on here or check out my Instagram account @alvido_music