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Hardly any artist in Germany has gone as independent like X-Teknokore. He began his career as DJ and Producer in year 2010 and has made over the last few years a more impressive portfolio of music. The first few years he releases some EP and tracks and playing some big events. Events like Sound Destruction, Frenchcore s'il vous plait, Clandestin, Genocide Core Massacre Festival etc. In year 2016 he released his first debut album titled "F#ck Mainstream" and reaching the pole position on the download charts. A year later came his second album "Most Wanted Tape" with the following EP "Eden" follows. Two years later he finally returns with his third solo album Most Wanted Tape Infinity. A monumental hardcore album that has never been seen before in this kind. 2021 he released finally his book (attention: currently at german lauguage) and his 4td hardcore album "909". Very soon he started also his premium merch store at Empire Hardcore Music and the Empire Office 2022 in vienna. Empire Hardcore Music Signs: Corefight; Dr CoZmo