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325 monthly listeners “Rob Cavallo brings quality, creativity, expertise, and passion to each and every composition.” (Ryan Neill -VP Music Production/Spirit Music Collective) “Rob Cavallo’s heart-thumping music brought my short film Hitchcock’s Purses to life.” (Marissa Chibás -Director) In short, I usually describe myself as a metalhead that joined the conservatory after falling in love with Ennio Morricone’s music. That sums me almost perfectly. Soundtrack composer, guitar player, songwriter, producer. Over the years, I have attracted the attention of film directors, novelists and other fans who find my eclectic sound, style, uniqueness, and ability to emotionally connect with an audience by bridging and blending music genres and generational lines appealing and usable in their works. As a result of my passion for good music, I scored a fiction on Italian national TV named “Cosi fan Tutte” and my music has been accepted in the catalog of The Spirit Music Collective (Netflix, History Channel).