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Carter Reeves

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Posted By Carter Reeves

Carter Reeves has a spring in his step. Maybe it’s that he’s fresh off a six-year stint selling out shows across the world as half of alt hip-hop duo, Aer.

Or maybe it’s that his good-mood vibe is exactly what gives his particular brand of pop such an addictive bounce. Those feel-good sounds are exactly what Reeves delivers in his debut solo EP, Fresh Fruit, as well as in his more recent singles, “Fly High” and “Aquarium."

Over the course of his six years with Aer, Reeves experienced a profound shift in his conception of what music means both to him and to his fans. “It became a job, and then it became a gift,” he said. That gift is the simplest one of all: making other people feel good.

It takes a truly wise young person to recognize how much he hasn’t experienced yet, and to his credit, Reeves isn’t trying to pretend like he’s endured more pain than he has. “I don’t want to narrate people’s problems if I haven't been through them myself,” he says. “I’d prefer to be the means to forgetting about those problems.” He offers oblivion, not catharsis. “I’m having fun making it, and I want people to have fun listening to it,” he says. “That’s what I want to give to people: a brief moment of forgetting.”

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